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Changes to YouTube Unlisted Videos Uploaded Before 2017

YouTube recently announced any Unlisted videos that were uploaded before January 1st, 2017 will have their visibility status set to…

New Google Meet Layout Demo for Summer 2021

This video demonstrates using the new layout coming to Google Meet by June 10, 2021. Here are some really helpful…

How to Add a Canvas Calendar to Google Calendar

How to use the Canvas calendar feed link to add it to a Google Calendar.

How to Use the Comment Feature on a Shared Google Doc

This video walks through the steps on how to leave a comment in a shared Google Document. You’ll also learn…

How to Transfer Event Ownership in Google Calendar

Learn how to create an event in Google Calendar and transfer the ownership to someone else.

How to Create a New Calendar

Learn how to create a new calendar to share with colleagues. This is useful for a department, committee, project, etc.

How to Share a Google Document

Learn how to share a Google document and the different sharing settings you can select that give others varying levels…

How to Create a Shared Drive

A shared drive is a great collaboration tool, it’s a one-stop area where you and your co-workers can add/edit files….

How to Share Your Google Calendar

Learn how to share your calendar and the different kinds of access you can grant to colleagues.

How to Check a Colleague’s Calendar

Need to schedule a meeting with a colleague? View their calendar before sending the invite, here’s how!

How to Find a Shared Document in Google Drive

Ever been in a situation where someone shared a Google document with you, and you can’t find it? Here are…

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