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Dance Cardio with Maliheh

Five minutes of cardio for your next break from sitting. (5:06)

Low Impact Cardio with Nancy

This is a low impact cardio class designed for active older adults. Strength training requires the use of weights that…

Low Impact Total Body with Penny

Use resistance bands or just bodyweight. Play 2 times for a longer exercise session. (30 min)

Silver Sneakers Classic Chair Cardio

This is a low-Impact, seated or standing, workout for older adults. A chair is recommended for this workout. Always consult…

Chair Yoga for Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back with Amila

This is a practice to release the tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. (18:44)

Sound Meditation by Susie

This is a 15 minute sound meditation, using crystal singing bowls, rainstick, gong, chimes and Tibetan Bells.

Dance Fitness with Susie and Kerry

Dance fitness workout (Sexy & I KNow It). We do not own the rights to the music. This video is…

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