Frank Torres recreates Bender's triumphant moment on the football field.
Frank Torres … some photos need no description.

Now that you are aware of some of the many wonderful options our John F. Prince Library offers, we still have two valuable pieces of knowledge to pass along: what you need to borrow library resources and who exactly is John F. Prince.  

First, resources are available for borrowing with a GCC photo ID; your GCC photo ID is your library card.  All you have to do is take your selected item to the check-out desk and show your ID.  There are a couple of items that can not leave the library, yet those items can still be used within the building.  If you are not certain which items can leave and which items can not, ask anyone who is part of the library staff or faculty for clarification. 

Second, Dr. Prince was essentially the first president of our campus, although at the time his title was Administrative Dean.  As Executive Director of the State Community College Board, he worked enthusiastically in the formation of the Maricopa County Junior College District (now the Maricopa County Community College District), and he was also very active in the community, particularly around educational initiatives.  fist-movie

And lastly, for the final blog post,  a simple message for everyone at GCC from the Library Faculty and Staff ………“Don’t you forget about me.”

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