Recreated movie scene
Tenisha Baca and Meghan Kennedy as the princess and the basket case from The Breakfast Club. We just want to dance when we use interlibrary loan! We hope we are not alone. ♫

Students, faculty, and staff can borrow books from other Maricopa libraries, and from libraries outside the Maricopa district. Interlibrary loan service can vastly expand the informational reach of the GCC community and allow students, faculty, and staff to obtain a wealth of educational resources. Available items from within the Maricopa libraries can be delivered to your preferred location within a few days. Items from outside the district may take a few weeks. Learn how to borrow books and articles beyond our own library by checking out Interlibrary Loan.

While HT2 was being renovated, the CTLE team lived in the library.  We explored the vast opportunities available at the John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus. During the month of January, we’re featuring a new blog series titled “The Breakfast Club.” This is post #9.

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