Beth Eyres as Brian Johnson, happy with the final result!

The CTLE would like to thank everyone who participated in and assisted with the creation of The Breakfast Club series. While some contributed to our film scene recreation photos (whether posing or serving as the photographer), others contributed by providing and confirming accurate information or by sharing their creativity with great suggestions.

 Roll the credits:

  • Tenisha Baca
  • Cheryl Colan
  • Alisa Cooper
  • Beth Eyres
  • Judy Fleming
  • Pamela Gautier
  • Sabra Greisman
  • Meghan Kennedy
  • John Laubach
  • Polly Laubach
  • Evelyn Lisitzky
  • Ed McKennon
  • Sean O’Brien
  • Michelle Petry
  • Ann Riley
  • Elizabeth Saliba
  • Andrea Schauer
  • Renee Smith
  • Frank Torres

Creating The Breakfast Club series was a fun, collaborative adventure, and more than one fan of this blog series has asked about our process for organizing the posts and photos. Here is how we pulled it off:

  1. We began by listing all the topics we wanted to share about the Library. Then we did an image search for scenes from The Breakfast Club and selected scenes to recreate that could be loosely related to the topic of each post.
  2. We created a Google Drive folder to store everything: a table of post topics with release dates and images to shoot, our image recreations, and drafts of each post. We shared this folder with Library faculty and staff, who reviewed our drafts for accuracy and to ensure we were following MCCCD policies. We learned there are a lot of rules and regulations about what can be posted in a public format about the art and exhibits in the Library.
  3. Recreating the movie scenes as photographs required locating clothing and props, scheduling the “cast” for each photo and editing images after each photo shoot in order to match the movie still image as closely as possible. Since each photo was its own production with an associated checklist of tasks, we pulled all the elements together using a Trello board for project management.

    Trello screenshot
    Our Trello project management board.
  4. We learned one of the most important things during each photo shoot was to have a printout of the original scene on hand for comparison, and to have the photographer closely compare the original scene to what is seen through the camera lens. Having the photographer help the cast with fine-tuning their poses and expressions helped us really nail our reenactments.
  5. And finally, we shared our blog post links with Library faculty and staff so they could share on social media. We also promoted our blog series with an email announcement showing teaser photos and shared our posts on Twitter and Facebook. These steps, combined with the lighthearted nature of the project, brought a lot of visitors to our blog.

We hope you’ve enjoyed following all 10 of The Breakfast Club posts as much as we enjoyed creating them. More importantly, don’t forget about using our Library!

Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club

This post was co-written by Cheryl Colan and Polly Laubach.

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