rail-recreatedPolly Laubach, Alisa Cooper, Meghan Kennedy, Tenisha Baca and Cheryl Colan

While the CTLE team did pick some personal favorites during our time of living in the library, we asked some of the GCC Library experts to discuss one of their favorites.

Frank Torres’ favorite piece is an untitled black and white photograph that he describes as stunning and captivating.  “The piece has two dimensions to it. Depending on how you look at it, you may find it beautiful, or offensive.” Michelle Petry describes her favorite as “complex, intriguing and eye-catching.” She then added, “It kind of creeps me out.” Elizabeth Saliba had no hesitation when asked to name her favorite…”It’s the dogs.” Elizabeth summarizes the sculptures as colorful, sassy, fun and “They capture the warmth and personality of the animal.”rail-movie

Sean O’Brien and Sabra Greisman both spoke about older, historical pieces. Sabra’s favorite is an ancient, intricately embroidered textile, and Sean pointed out  Italian Manuscripts from 1151. Ed McKennon pointed out a modern/contemporary vibrant 3-D piece. Ed stated, “The piece speaks to an American culture…the street scene.”

If you are interested in learning more about some of their favorites things or selecting a favorite of your own, go to the library… there is something for everyone!

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