Breakfast Club Photo Recreation
The mindfulness area is especially great for self-reflection. Cheryl Colan, Instructional Media Developer for the CTLE, as Breakfast Club character Brian Johnson: “Who am I? Who am I? I am a walrus.”

The John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus has a shaded outdoor area with seating. This is a perfect spot for quiet, mindful reflection. You and your students can enjoy a thoughtful break outdoors between the bustle of classes, meeting and other activities on campus. To use the space, enter through the doors on the east and west sides of the study area next to the south window (view map).

Breakfast Club original scene - Brian with a pen up his noseThe GCC Wellness Committee is currently in the process of seeking a budget for improvements to this space. Please watch your email for announcements on how you can be involved with the GCC community working to plan these improvements. This area may be enhanced by optimal flooring, seating, a water feature, and shade. If you have further suggestions for improving the mindfulness area, please contact the Wellness Committee.

While HT2 was being renovated, the CTLE team lived in the library. We explored the vast opportunities available at the John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus. During the month of January, we’re featuring a new blog series titled “The Breakfast Club.” This is post #7.

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