floor-recreatedTehisha Baca, Cheryl Colan, Alisa Cooper, Meghan Kennedy and Polly Laubach

There is so much more to do at the library besides studying, researching or, like in The Breakfast Club movie, attending detention…..the Fred Prince Library offers a dynamic and robust collection of art! There are more than 500 pieces on display that range from drawings and photography to ceramics and silks. For the person who wants to do more than just visually enjoy a piece, tours are available! Using either a GCC listening wand (available in the library) or your cell phone (a QR code reader app is required), you can enjoy a self-paced, self-guided tour. You’ll be treated to a veracious narrative that intertwines engaging storytelling, description of artists, meaning and intention of pieces, historical events impacting creation, and exclusive distinctions.

floor-movie The tour is for everyone at GCC and the local community during regular business hours. To learn more about the Fred Prince Library tour, ask one of the GCC Library Faculty members.

While HT2 was being transformed, the CTLE team was living large in the library!  Hence, the month of January has been dedicated to a blog series titled The Breakfast Club.

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