Photo caption: Frank Torres, Library Department Chair, recreates The Breakfast Club character John Bender’s comment on the Library’s book collection: “It’s wrong to destroy literature. It’s such fun to read.” Disclaimer: No MCCCD property or irretrievable information was harmed in the creation of this photograph.

Our Library Faculty members want to make sure the GCC Library’s collection is relevant to you, your students and your discipline. Did you know you can make suggestions for enhancing the collection?

Before doing so, please check with the Library Faculty member assigned as a liaison to your department. (Find your department’s liaison on the Library’s Contact Us page.) Your liaison may be able to help you locate resources you didn’t find in your own search.

literature-movieIf you determine the Library has a gap, then you can:

  • Suggest a specific title
  • Suggest the library enhance a specific subject area in order to better support the curriculum and college mission

Making your suggestion is easy: just fill out the Collection Recommendation Form. You can also check out the Collection Development Guidelines or make a gift to the collection.

While HT2 was being renovated, the CTLE team lived in the library. We explored the vast opportunities available at the John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus. During the month of January, we’re featuring a new blog series titled “The Breakfast Club.” This is post #4.


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