Don’t let your students feel lost and confused, LMC138 is a great resource for GCC faculty for student engagement!  

Tenisha Baca, Beth Eyres and Polly Laubach recreate The Breakfast Club moment: “Can you describe the ruckus, sir?”

LMC138 has 24 computers and monitors for student use along with an instructor’s workstation and projector; the equipment in this room allows for a variety of activities.  For example, you could lead hands-on Canvas training for your students, which is especially helpful if students are required to submit work via Canvas.  If you had an online activity that you wanted all of your students to complete during class time, LMC138 is ideal.  ruckus-movieOr if you want to dedicate class time for students to conduct online research, you can reserve the room to keep all of the students in an enclosed area, making it easy for you to be able to answer questions and monitor student activity.  There are some limitations; please take a minute to review the details on reserving LMC138. So for the upcoming semester keep in mind that if you need technology, reserve LMC138; this is an offer you just can’t refuse!

This is the third blog post to The Breakfast Club series: “While HT2 was under construction, the CTLE team was living in the library.  During that time we explored the vast opportunities available at the John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus.” 

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