Recreated photo of Claire asking Brian to write everyone's paper in The Breakfast Club
Tenisha Baca and Beth Eyres recreate this classic Breakfast Club moment: “You just don’t want to write your paper, Claire.”

All our students can benefit from learning that there is more to research than a quick Google search. You can help your students learn how great libraries are as resources by building lessons or assignments involving research and the GCC Library. And you don’t have to think them up all by yourself. You can partner with a Library Faculty member right inside of Canvas.

GCC’s librarians can:

  • Create a customized guide, tutorial or instructional video for your Canvas course
  • Build Canvas pages, modules, quizzes and other content that can be used and graded within your Canvas course
  • Partner with your students on their research projects using Canvas Discussion Boards
  • Help you integrate Library resources like tutorials, handouts and guides into your Canvas Course

still image from The Breakfast ClubCC’s librarians are ready to help you help your students learn to make the most out of their time in the Library. Explore the Library’s research resources and get Canvas help from a GCC librarian today.

While HT2 was being renovated, the CTLE team lived in the library. We explored the vast opportunities available at the John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus. During the month of January, we’re featuring a new blog series titled “The Breakfast Club.” This is post #2.

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