For the past month while HT2 was under construction, the CTLE team was living in the library.  During that time we explored the vast opportunities available at the John F. Prince Library Media Center at GCC Main Campus, hence during the month of January we will feature a new blog series titled “The Breakfast Club.”

poster-movieWhen it comes to using the library services, don’t be reserved …reserve!  Through the Library Liaison Program, you can request and reserve time with a Library Faculty member to assist you in many ways.  One such manner is teaching your students how to correctly/properly research.  A GCC librarian can either come to your class, or you can bring your class to the library, for a training session on the acceptable resources students should be using for researching.  Prior to the scheduled training, a librarian will consult with you to identify your objects.  Then the librarian will tailor the research training to meet you and your students’ needs; learn which Library Faculty member has been assigned to your department to get started. 

So as you design the activities to support your curriculum this semester, remember the library!  

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