It is true, working in higher education has made us take Santa Claus and Mom off of our speed dial, but the Boogie Man may still be there.  Who is this Boogie Man?  The fact that communicating with students is vital, yet giving our cell-phone number can be scary and permanent.  There are two great ways to take the Boogie Man out of communicating via calls or text.

The first is Google Voice.  This is a free service that creates a dummy phone number for you that forwards to your real number.  This allows for you to cancel it at any time if you wish, effectively eliminating that number and keeping yours safe!  You can even download an app that allows for more features such as texting!

Get started with your new number by using the information HERE!

The next way to communicate safely is a program called Remind.

This free website allows you to invite students into a text group that has all of the phone numbers anonymous.  When they have joined (either by themselves or you enter their phone numbers) you will be able to text them individually or in a group and even schedule when the texts go out!  All of this is tracked on the website and you have a record of all communication!  The value of this site cannot be overstated.  Use the following tools to get started:

3 Steps to Get Started

Get started on Remind with 3 easy steps

Overview for Teachers

Engage students and parents with meaningful messages

Top 10 Ways to Use Remind

Learn Teacher-tested tips for using Remind


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