Students have stopped asking for directions, the parking lots are a bit safer (read as “not quite as dangerously chaotic”), we have heard messaging from the iTeam (interim admin!), and faculty are digging into content in their classrooms. That’s right, the excitement of another new academic year is settling down, and the real work of the semester is now underway.

Along with new students, GCC is pleased to have gained 11 new Residential Faculty and 10 new One-Year-Only/One-Semester-Only Faculty this year. Representing a wide range of disciplines, teaching experiences and geography, our new colleagues are working hard to adjust to their new roles. Some are veterans of the district, some have been at GCC for years, some are new to teaching for the community college, and some have moved to Phoenix from different parts of Arizona and the country.

So please, if you get the chance, give a warm welcome to our new colleagues!


New Gauchos

Residential Faculty

Dr. Thomas Aubrey–Counseling

Martin Bencic–CIS

Judy Carpenter–Early Childhood Development

Tim Frank–Engineering

Pam Gautier–Library

Jen Gustafson–Chemistry

Charlie Johnson–PSS/EMT

Stephanie Lucas–Art/Digital Cinema Arts

Dr. L. Alex Patrick–Sociology

Todd Polansky–PSS/EMT

Dr. Angela Schwendiman–Biology

OYO/OSO Faculty

Raymond Baesler–Sign Language (Communication & World Languages)

David Boninger–Psychology

Derek Drumtra–Fitness & Wellness

Robert Esler–Music Technology (Performing Arts)

Diane “Mia” Hernandez–Counseling

Kenra Johnson–Nursing

Lisa Pierre–Nursing

Andrea Schauer–CISCO (Technology & Consumer Sciences)

William Sherry–Astronomy (Physical Sciences)

Jacqueline Witzke–English


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