Post from Nate Kurtz, eCourses Faculty Lead

Canvas is our Learning Management System (LMS), the replacement of Blackboard.  It is a very user friendly LMS that makes it easy for instructors to post classroom materials such as the syllabus and handouts as well as course grades.  It is FERPA compliant as each student must log in with a username and password and the students can only see their own grades. It has many excellent features and abilities that you can learn about in our CTLE Canvas basics and advanced canvas training (Click here to sign up). However, most people want to use Canvas very minimally, so I created a quick setup and user guide.

We hope that you will use Canvas minimally to post your syllabus and grades.  The attached instructions guide contains step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to set up a very basic Canvas course.

Written instructions not for you? Watch the following YouTube video

( Click here to watch the YouTube Video  )

Still need help? Stop by the CTLE during their open lab hours for hands on assistance.

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