ScreencastomaticScreencasts allow you to record whatever is on your screen, add your voice, and even add a video of yourself. The CTLE has purchased a one year license to Screencast-o-matic Pro that will work on your home or personal computers. Unfortunately, it will not currently work to save Screencast-o-matic files on the GCC network. Take advantage and use Screencast-o-matic Pro at home!

How can you use screen casts?

  • Create a “tour” of Canvas to show students how you have information organized.
  • Talk through PPT slides or a Prezi, giving a virtual “lecture.”
  • Discuss a student paper or project, giving feedback and advice.
  • Show any series of images, websites, etc. and discuss these items related to the class material.
  • Demonstrate how to use a particular technology or tool.
  • Show an assignment description and further explain your expectations.
  • Have students narrate their own presentations for an online course.
  • Clarify any confusion regarding a technology, publisher website, etc. by showing exactly how to do or fix something.

Screencast-o-matic Pro is very easy to use, just click “Start Recording” and create your first screencast. Don’t hesitate to contact the CTLE with any questions.

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