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Great ePortfolio Resources for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


  • “An ePortfolio is similar in essence to the traditional pen and paper portfolio but with a set of added advantages. For instance , ePortfolios are accessible anywhere anytime with internet connection. Also ePortfolios allows for a wider inclusion of different multimedia items such as videos, podcasts, audio recordings, slides, text, images and many more.” – Alisa Cooper

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Google Hangout for Teachers- A Comprehensive Tutorial ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


  • “Google Hangout is an excellent service  that enables both one-on-one  and group chats with up to ten people at a time.Google Hangouts are not all video based. You can hold a hangout using only the textual chat functionality or you can add voice. There is also another great feature called hangout on Air. A Hangout on the Air is a Google hangout that is broadcast both on YouTube both through your Google+ page . It’s a great way to have a “public” event or get more people involved in the conversation!” – Alisa Cooper

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5 Time-Saving Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms – Edudemic


  • ” If you’re just starting with Google Forms, here are five ways that you can use them to streamline your classroom!” – Alisa Cooper

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11 Great Search Engines for Social Science Researchers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


  • “Some interesting search engines ideal for folks in engaged in social science research.” – Alisa Cooper

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