doctopus-f-300Doctopus. Weird name right? Doctopus is a way of automating document creation, revision and management in Google Drive. It makes it easier for teachers to share, organize, and assess student work in Google Drive. The way it works is it distributes personalized digital copies of assignments in Google Docs to students. Here’s the scenario: You want for all of your students to write their essays in Google Docs so you can monitor their drafting process. You can’t leave it up to the students to create their own documents and share them with you. You’d probably end up with random file names and disorganized papers if you got anything at all. If you use Doctopus, you can create a template for students to use AND easily distribute it to each student. One digital copy for every student. Students will not have to make a copy before editing the distributed file, nor will they need to name the file. It’s already done for them based on what you have set. The best part is when the due date passes, you can temporarily remove the student’s editing rights, so students can’t work beyond the due date. And that’s not all. Watch the following video to learn more about what you can do with Doctopus. You’ll be set up and ready to roll in no time after watching.

Doctopus Handout

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