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Purchase Software (Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc…) at a Major Discount!

To find a huge amount of discounted software, please go to and click on Sign In on the top right.(use the format: MCCCD-ORG\MEID for your username).


 Then click on the tab at the right that says Employee Software Purchase and click on the link on the left that says Click here to access SPP.  You will  be taken to a site that will allow you to browse for what you want and follow the instructions to purchase!


You will now see a list of software available for purchase.  Clicking on the tabs will take you to that category of software.


When you find the software you want, click on it.


Once ready, click Add To Cart.


The next thing is to check out.  Just follow the procedure and you are all set!

Please make sure to follow all instructions on the download and it will walk you through the process.  The last thing to do is enjoy your incredible programs!


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