A highly requested feature in Canvas has been the ability to decide when specific content is viewable to students.  The feature that was created to meet this need was called Draft State. Draft State is the term used when discussing the publishing of content for student viewing and use.  Individual content has to be published in order to be in the gradebook or to be viewable by the students.  Either from the Assignments or Modules tabs you can find the list of your content and see if it is published or not.  If it is GREEN then it can be seen!  If it is GREY, then it is not viewable to students (I couldn’t think of a rhyme).

To publish, simply click on the grey cloud and it becomes a green cloud as shown above!

To ensure that students can view your content, please look at the list and make sure that everything, even the module has a green cloud next to it.  Nothing should be grey, as shown below:

Draft State is an incredibly powerful tool that lets you completely control when content is live, giving you more time to tweak and test it to make sure it is perfect.  We do hope that you enjoy this new feature!

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