The Glendale Community College Awards Committee is now accepting nominations for its ninth annual Excellence in Teaching award.  Award recipients will receive a plaque and be honored.  In addition, the names of the award winners will be submitted for the NISOD Excellence Awards.  Please help us celebrate the outstanding teaching that occurs every day in GCC classrooms by nominating the “best of the best” for this award.

Eligibility Requirement: Must be full-time Residential Faculty for this award.

Nominations: Faculty can nominate any colleague they feel should be recognized for their teaching excellence.  We encourage you to collaborate with the individual you are nominating to help with the details on the nomination form.  Please provide information on how the nominee meets or exceeds on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Pedagogy: Teaching rises above and beyond the minimum required to a sustained level of excellence.  Encourages critical and original thinking.  Uses innovative teaching practices and/or makes innovative use of technology.
  • Inspirational Teaching: Teaching inspires colleagues, employees, and students.  Is a good role model and/or mentor for other instructors.  Is available and accessible to students.  Uses feedback to improve course.
  • Curriculum/Course Development: Has developed new curriculum or modified teaching materials extensively.  Engages in reflective practice (monitors and adjusts instruction/curriculum in response to student needs).  Actively participates in course level assessment (and program level assessment if applicable) and considers resulting data as well as that from college-wide assessment in efforts to improve student learning.
  • Content Knowledge:  Is a departmental leader in subject area and maintains currency in teaching area by attending conferences, conducting educational research and/or participating in professional growth activities.
  • Outreach:  Involved in outreach projects that extend beyond job responsibilities such as: speaking to community groups/classes, going to high schools to talk with students and teachers about GCC courses/programs/opportunities, participation in community events (such as Science Olympiad), advising a student club, volunteering to help students outside of office hours, etc.

Deadline: Friday, November 22, 2013

Nomination Procedure: Please collect information and examples about how your nominee meets or exceeds one or more of the five criteria listed above.  Then complete this nomination form and email to the CTLE Faculty Director – Dr. Susan Campbell, at  All nominations will be reviewed and scored by the Teaching Excellence Awards Committee.

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