Enhance communication, student progress awareness and add some ‘fun’ to your summer and fall courses with Delphinium.

Delphinium is an overlay skin that changes the appearance of your course and offers many improved communication tools.  All you need to do is enable Delphinium in your course and pick your settings.  This takes about 30 minutes turns your Canvas Modules into looking like this

Students can quickly see their progress in a module just by the module coloring (green is complete and blue is in progress) as well as see their grade per module requirements.

You can select from a variety of Dashboard options for students to see their overall progress in the course.

You can also schedule progress reports, timed emails per specific dates, require student acknowledgements on announcements, include images, hyperlinks, videos and gifs in Canvas emails (instead of as attachments) and MUCH MORE! To learn more about installing Delphinium in your summer and fall classes, email ctle@gccaz.edu, or read the next blog post coming soon.

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