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CTLE Leadership Updates

Mary Anne Duggan

The CTLE would like to thank Mary Anne Duggan, eCourse Faculty Lead, for her service in this role. Mary Anne has done a fantastic job running the eCourse committee, sending out the eCourse Newsletter, getting the committee started on the new eCourse Strategic Plan, and conducting Peer Quality Reviews that are currently underway. The eCourse committee has benefited from Mary Anne’s extensive experience in teaching online and her strong leadership. Mary Anne is moving on to other projects at the college. Thank you, Mary Anne!

Alisa Cooper

We would like to welcome Alisa Cooper back to the role of eCourses Faculty Lead. Alisa has been a full-time English professor at Glendale Community College for the past 13 years, where she teaches hybrid and online freshman composition, journalism, and literature courses. She spent 11 years full-time at SMCC prior to GCC. She previously served a 4-year term as the Faculty Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Engagement from Fall 2014 to Spring 2018. Alisa spent 2018-2019 on a year-long sabbatical to learn more about “Supporting Data-Driven Decision Making With Educational Data Analytics Technologies.” A vital aspect of data-driven decision-making is Data Literacy for Teachers, which was the primary goal of her sabbatical, to empower herself to use data in the decision-making process, so that she could help support data-driven decision-making at GCC using education data analytics technologies.

Prior to serving in the CTLE, Alisa served as an assistant chair/eCourses coordinator for the English Department, and also served as eCourses Faculty Lead for the college and headed the campus eCourses committee. Alisa also served on a district committee where she helped guide leadership in open educational resources. She served as tri-chair for the Maricopa Millions Steering team, an OER district project where the goal was to save Maricopa Community College students $5 Million over 5 Years by radically decreasing student costs by offering low cost or no-cost options for course materials. This is Alisa’s 32nd year teaching and she’s still loving it.

Beth Eyres

In case you missed the email, we would also like welcome Beth Eyres back into the role of CTLE Faculty Co-Director. Beth Eyres has been a teacher for 40 years, 31 years formally. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education English from ASU and a Master of Arts in English from NAU.  She taught high school English for twenty-three years, from remedial courses to honors, to Advanced Placement and dual enrollment.  In that time, she became both an instructional leader and teacher association leader and had opportunities to advocate for raises, argue grievances, and work with teachers leaving and entering the profession.  She also worked with colleagues on committees to increase professional development offerings and improve student achievement.  Twelve years ago she started teaching online at Glendale Community College in the English Department, where she was given the opportunity to develop an online Gothic Literature class and teach the 8 week online sessions for ENG101 and ENG102.  Shortly after coming to GCC full time, she took over as eCourses Coordinator for the English Department and a little later as the eCourse Lead for the campus. Her teaching assignment has consisted of developmental education, ENG101, ENG102, ENH110 and ENH235. She serves on the Honors Advisory Committee and the English department’s scholarship committee, where she helps plan and coordinate FUNdraising for student scholarships. In the last year, she has served as Faculty Co-Director for the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Engagement. She lives in downtown Phoenix with her wife, twin black cats, and little dog.

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