Just like thriving survivalists, successful teachers have many tools equipped to help them problem solve, overcome challenges, be flexible and, most importantly, THRIVE in their environment!  Join your GCC colleagues on October 14th and 15th for two days of professional development at “Thrive: The Ultimate Survivalists Guide to Preparing & Succeeding in Higher Education.”

Register for the on-campus event on October 14th with a live, non-Zoombie audience in SU104 from 1:00-4:00 pm.  All attending survivalists will be socially distanced, served starvation-busters and hydration-replenishers  and given a snack as they leave for their next quest.

Register for the live-online event on October 15th from 11:45 to 4:00 pm. Since all of you attending survivalists will be joining this adventure from the comfort of your personal tents and campfires, you should not be starving or dying of thirst, yet you should come hungry to learn! Also, Friday features key note speaker Dr. Anna Arici, ASU’s director of the NSF-funded program, STEM Mio, creating college and career pathways in the STEM arena for Latino youth, and Assistant Research Professor of The School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Both days promise collaboration, camaraderie, engagement and more ! And for all of the champions of the wild and unknown, there will be a base-camp happy hour on Friday from 4:00-5:00 pm.  Looking forward to seeing all happy campers, zombie slayers, adventure seekers and ultimate survivalists in October!

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