The CTLE is excited to announce that thanks to HERFF funds, we have purchased an annual subscription to Go2Knowledge, which provides 150+ Live Webinars each year and has 300+ On-Demand Webinars available. These webinars cover various topics, including teaching and pedagogy, student services, and even customer service issues. There are also many helpful webinars related to COVID and mental health. All webinars are free to attend once you register!

To register and use this site, do the following:

  • Visit and bookmark the following web address:
  • Enter your name, GCC email address. and a password to register.
  • Register for any upcoming live webinars or watch any pre-recorded webinars.

Check out some of these upcoming live webinars:

Watch these recorded webinars anytime:

These are only a few of the many offerings, so register to find one that meets your needs. We hope you find these webinars valuable and set aside time to watch one regularly. In the future, the CTLE will offer programming and discussions around some of the webinars. 

Again, create an account with your GCC email at and bookmark this website!

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