Do you find yourself feeling more tired after your virtual meetings? You might be experiencing video fatigue. Video fatigue is consequence of spending multiple hours per day in a virtual meetings.

We were not made to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time. The toll this takes on our minds and bodies is significant.

Here are some quick tips to help with video fatigue:

  • Use speaker view
    • Having to continually process and make eye contact with everyone in a virtual meeting depletes your cognitive energy supply. Using speaker view and minimizing your virtual meeting will help to lighten the cognitive load.
  • Hide your self view
    • Seeing your own image is tasking on your mind and has you constantly critiquing yourself.
  • Make yourself more mobile
    • When meeting in person, we do not stay still and unmoving. In fact, we fidget, shift our weight, and move around as we talk and listen to one another. In order to emulate this experience, try standing farther away from your camera. This will allow you to move more freely in your space.
  • Audio only
    • Non verbal communication is a natural element in face to face interaction. We gesture and show body language but in an online environment it is challenging to convey the non verbal communication. Give yourself an audio only break by turning your body away from the screen, not just turning off your camera, or call into a meeting instead.

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