Christine Jones is a new Residential Faculty member in the English department here at GCC. She recently shared a fun and fast way to create amazing transcripts for her instructional videos during a recent FYRE meeting. Christine knows how much time creating and editing transcripts can take an instructor so she sought out to find a faster way. The benefit of using WebEx to create the transcripts for her instructional videos is that WebEx automatically incorporates capitalization and punctuation. She does mention that you will still need to scan the transcript for occasional spelling errors and there is an additional processing time, but having the capitalization and punctuation done for you is definitely a time-saver!

I asked her to share her tips and tricks on using WebEx to create these transcripts.

Please start the video at 1:04.

Here are her notes:

“First, I make the video.  Then I wait for the processing of the video which for me has generally taken about an hour but sometimes takes a little longer.  I have an email sent to my Maricopa account when the video is done processing.  The transcript usually takes a little longer. 

Once the video is processed and the transcription compiled, I spend a few minutes checking it over for the mistakes.  I usually find 3-5 errors,  often when I use unfamiliar words or acronyms like MLA or APA. If it is a repeated error, I can copy the correction and run through to find all the similar mistakes and paste it in.  Once I have the transcript corrected, I click on the download button.

Image of Download Options

The download options include the video as an .mp4 and the transcript as a .vtt file.  I download both files to a place I can remember.

Then I simply upload the video to Youtube.  Once I have started uploading the file, I scroll down the menu options until I find the subtitle section. It is in the “More Options” area.

Then I upload the .vtt file as a subtitle/cc file “With Timing”.

Since most of my videos are less than 6 minutes, usually about 4 minutes, it takes very little time for the video to process and I can copy the link or embed it in my class materials or on Canvas immediately.   

I hope you find this video helpful and good luck with your efforts at accessibility.”

One more thing that Christine mentions is that her Grammarly Chrome extension works well with WebEx transcripts.

Thank you for sharing this tip with us Christine!

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