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5 New Features in Google Meet

Just in case you have not noticed, Google Meet has some new features. 

First if you create the Meet, you have host controls allowing you to determine if your guests can share their screen or send chat messages.

Second, if you have multiple cameras on your computer, you can easily toggle between them.

Didn’t have time to clean your office or you have pets that enjoy ‘Meet-bombing?’ Not a problem!  Use the blur screen option to make you and you alone the visual focus.

Fourth, even though there are only 16 of me (and Sophie) in the image below, you can set your Google Meet to show the profile pics of 49 people at one time!

Fifth, Google Meet has a Jamboard which operates as a white board. Students can add content to the Jamboard and then save the Jamboard to their Google Drive.

And a final side note about Google Meet….if you remove a person from a Google Meet, they might not be able to rejoin for 24 hours, so use with caution. 🐕 🐶 🐩 🦮

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