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Print a Canvas Quiz

Instructors may have occasion to print a quiz from the Canvas LMS, either to allow a student to make up the quiz on paper, or to provide a backup copy of quiz questions to the Testing Center. Canvas Community member r sultan created a web application that will turn an exported Canvas quiz into a nicely formatted PDF file.

How to export a Canvas Quiz: Go to course Settings, select Export Course Content, select Quiz, uncheck All Quizzes and select specific quiz, select Create Export, the download ZIP file.

Full instructions on how to export a specific quiz from Canvas are available at How to Print Canvas Quizzes in the Canvas Community.

Once exported, drag and drop the exported ZIP file onto the Edustrap web application. The app will produce a PDF file you can save and print. Here is an example (screenshot) of a printable quiz produced by Edustrap – I tried it on a course orientation quiz I used in Fall 2018. Happy printing!

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 4.59.53 PM

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