It isn’t always easy to get around to all areas of campus to meet new people. This spring semester, I will post a series of entries here on the CTLE blog to more officially introduce our newest GCC Residential faculty colleagues. These are the folks who are currently in FYRE and working through their first year as Residential Faculty. Please take a few minutes to learn a bit about your new colleagues.

Note: These profiles (words and images) are borrowed (with permission) from their faculty profile pages on the GCC website. After reading, please take a few minutes to check your faculty profile page and make sure it shares information about you that you would like for our campus community to know. While doing so, it is interesting to consider that this is a space many of our students use to “see” who their professor will be in a coming semester. If you don’t have any info on your college profile page, then your students only have what “rate my professor” says about you!

If you would like to edit your profile page, all you have to do is fill out this Employee Web Support Form with the content you would like shared on your profile/bio page.

And now on to the introductions!

May I please introduce Communication Faculty

Roxan Alexander-Arnston

My Biography

Teaching Philosophy: My approach to teaching is to combine information with entertainment. Students have different life experiences, backgrounds, learning styles, and goals. My job is to get to know these students as individuals so that I can help them learn in the way that best suits them. This often means stepping out of my own comfort zone or learning style to meet the students where they are. I take time in class to foster a sense of community where students get to know each other’s names, interests, and quirks. Based on these discoveries, I incorporate examples and jokes catered to students. My goal is to make learning fun, not just for the cheesy sake of the cliché, but to promote retention of information and increase attendance, engagement, and completion of courses.  


Master’s Degree in Communication from California State University of Long Beach

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Arizona State University West

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Arizona State University West

Former GCC student

May I please introduce Nursing Faculty

Jennifer Woodcock

My Biography

I possess over 21 years of Registered Nursing (RN) experience in acute care settings inclusive of progressive care units; medical, cardiovascular, and neurological intensive care units; perianesthesia/perioperative services; and procedural services. I have performed as an ICU Educator within two hospitals and as a block IV adjunct faculty at Mesa Community College/Boswell Nursing Program. Formal leadership experience includes Director-level positions within a large healthcare organization focusing on daily operations and service line growth. Formal education includes a Master’s Degrees in Business and a Master’s Degree in Nursing. National certifications include critical care nursing (CCRN-K) and nurse manager/leader (CNML).

Thanks for reading about two of our 8 FYRE faculty! Come back next month to meet more new colleagues.

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