We are pleased to announce that the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Engagement (CTLE) is seeking a Faculty Developer/PAR Facilitator to run the FYRE program and oversee the PAR/PARc process. This 6 load hour per semester (reassigned time) position will start in Fall 2020 and serve for three years, with opportunities to extend up to a maximum of five years. The position will serve on the district Faculty Development Committee and work closely with the Co-Faculty Developer position as well as the CTLE. Detailed information about this exciting position can be found here.

If you are interested in serving in this role, please submit the following via Google Form by Tuesday, November 11/12:

  1. Short Bio including your department, position, and educational background.
  2. Letter of intent:
    1. which outlines how your knowledge and abilities align with this position;
    2. your vision of the Faculty Developer/PAR Facilitator role in the CTLE and the role it will play in fostering student success at Glendale;  
    3. your ideas for how you believe you can further FYRE and the PAR process; and
    4. areas of teaching and learning you are passionate about or have an interest in.

A committee comprised of members of the GCC CTLE team and other key individuals from across the college will review the submissions. We will contact individuals for interviews by November 15th, with the intent to conduct interviews the week of November 18th (dates to be determined).

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Lane or Meghan Kennedy.

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