Superheroes of Student Success

Many employees shared great information through the CTLE’s Afternoon of Learning, and we didn’t want anyone to miss out.  Please find links to resources that were shared by many of our fabulous, Superhero presenters:

Title: Revealed!  Secrets of a Grants Superhero!  (Weltz)

Description: Your campus Grants Coordinator explains the types of grant funding and our institutional processes to apply. GCC has almost $7-million in active grants.

Title: Professor X: Create Equality for All Using 10 Strategic Accessibility Tips (Colan) 

Description: Providing files, email and Canvas content to our students is a tree-saving superpower! But are you sure what you send out is accessible to people who use assistive technology to power up their lives? Learn the top 10 most effective tips for making your online content accessible to everyone.

Title: Fight Truth Manipulation with Understanding Bias: Bubbles, Bots and Blogs (Michelle Petry, Sean O’Brien, Edward McKennon, & Dede Elrobeh) 

Description: This showcases a workshop, developed as part of the library’s Fake News series, which focuses on how bias, coupled with technology, has led to a polarized information landscape. Assess your own biases and learn how to improve your “information diet” to include a more balanced and evidence-based variety of sources.

Title: Want to be more of the Super Hero your students think you are?  From Crisis to Counseling: How to refer a student to the appropriate referral  (Amy Torgeson & Sarah Padelford) 

Description: As GCC faculty and staff you interact with students on a daily basis. Because of this high level of contact, you may be among the first to notice problematic issues developing in a student. Making a referral to the GCC Counseling Department can be an effective way to assist students in getting the help that they may need. This session will help you identify students in distress and become comfortable with the referral process.      

Title: Avenge Student Stagnation: Engage Student Learning Outside of the Classroom (Jennifer Lane) 

Description: Experiential education allows students to more fully understand what they learn in the classroom as well as why those course concepts are important.  Learn and share about the various ways that we can help students apply what they are learning in new ways.

Title: Saving the Day:  Library Streaming Media and Films for your Courses! (Karen Reed & Elizabeth Saliba) 

Description:  These resources showcase of the newest cinema and documentary film databases available through the GCC Library. Learn how to incorporate video resources into Canvas and stay copyright compliant.

Title: 7 Tips for a Super-Powered Brain, No Cape Required (Stephanie Sawyer & Louise So)

Description: Do your students ever zone out in class, or have you ever witnessed blank stares or zombie-like expressions? It’s time to introduce super-powered brain boosters. Learn seven simple ways to increase mental stimulation and attention in class.

Title: Lasso the Truth of Student Learning: Using Canvas Outcome Assessment Tools (Julie Morrison) 

Description: How will we know that students are mastering our Institutional Learning Outcomes? Lasso the Truth of student learning using tools built into Canvas! This presentation provides an overview of Canvas Outcomes and Rubrics and how they can easily be attached to your Canvas assignments, quizzes, or discussions to provide institutional data. Canvas is just like Wonder Woman’s tool belt, able to address almost any challenge!

Title: Five IT Superpowers for GCC Employees (Justin Bruce & Ashley Farley) 

Description: Power 1: Join the League – Ways to contact IT, plus features of the new Self Service Portal; Power 2: Conceal your Identity – Using a VPN and avoiding suspicious login alerts; Power 3: Acquire Training – Scheduling training on media systems and avoiding technical hiccups during maintenance windows; Power 4: Gather Your Tools – ​The 411 on Media Deliveries and Device Checkout​s; Power 5: Remain Vigilant – Cyber awareness and changing password every 90 days

Title: Use Your Noodle: Super Citations and Research Writing with Noodle Tools Database (Karen Reed, Justin Burns, & Pam Gaultier) 

Description: Save your students from citation doom. This session focused on how to use the new NoodleTools database to teach citation and research writing basics in ALA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian style. 

Title: More Ideas for Globalizing the Classroom, Mexico Edition (Jenna Duncan & Larissa Hill)

Description: Jenna Duncan and Larissa Hill share their experiences and learning from the 2018 summer Mexico City/Guanajuato faculty immersion program. They also talk about how they are integrating critical thinking and exploration of Mexican life, language and culture through new and updated curriculum projects.

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