Ahhh, the comfort of Week 4. Routines have set in, and students and faculty alike are all a bit more like Stella (got our groove back!). It is a good feeling.

To keep that good feeling going, please allow me to introduce to you the 13 new Residential Faculty that started August. We are fortunate to have such stellar new colleagues, and they are hard at work figuring out the intricacies of their departments, the diversity of our student body, and the vastness of our acronym collection (Welcome to GCC and MCCCD! Please meet in the CTLE to meet your FYRE group, be ready to learn about PAR, and start your IDP)!

As you read the list below, please remember the challenge from our president, Dr. Terry Leyba Ruiz, given at Fall Convocation–meet 10 new people. As you think about that challenge, consider that there are 13 you can meet right here on our own campus! You can help welcome our new colleagues, while meeting the president’s challenge. Score! 

challenge accepted.jpg

And because we at the CTLE love to foster engagement, we are adding a BONUS to the challenge (yes, all the overachievers among us can read that as EXTRA CREDIT). The CTLE has a PRIZE for first three people to meet all 13 new faculty! All you have to do is meet each new Residential Faculty member, snap a selfie with them, and then email that selfie to chris.nielson@gccaz.edu. C’mon! Who wants to win?!?!

Welcome to GCC new Residential Faculty colleagues!

  • Lucrecia Alvarez–BiologyNew.jpgDerek Ayala–Religious Studies
  • Gabriela Cojanu–BIT/Small Business Management
  • Todd Dollar–Psychology
  • Derek Drumtra–Exercise Science
  • Mia Hernandez–Counseling
  • Erika Hopson–Fitness & Wellness
  • Gina Weatherly–TCS/Child & Family Studies
  • Mari Willeman–Psychology
  • Jackie Witzke–English
  • Didem Yamak–TCS/Engineering
  • Sharon Yee–Sociology
  • Matt Weber–Mathematics

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