Canvas Icon-F-01-01Did you adopt a new textbook for the fall that has a Canvas component? Do you have a new program you would like to use in Canvas with your students? 

There are many publisher products and learning tools/programs that can be used within Canvas. Publisher products can allow students to take a quiz or complete homework from the publisher and the grades populate in Canvas: Cengage MindTap, Pearson MyLabs, and McGraw-Hill Connect are examples of publisher products.  Learning tools/programs can provide a variety of options to enhance learning: VoiceThread assists with online discussions, Softchalk provides alternative content organization, and Turnitin provides feedback on plagiarism.

In order to install anything from an outside company into Canvas, the desired product must first go through a District privacy and security review. This process requires gathering information on the accessibility, terms of use, and privacy policies of the company and their tool. There is a committee that reviews these requests, and they meet once each month.

If you have publisher material or a learning tool/program that you would like to add to Canvas, then please let us know by using this form. We recommend submitting as far in advance as possible, but please try to give at least 45 days advance notice. If you aren’t sure if you need to complete this form, email the CTLE Canvas team ( to find out.

If you know you will need something installed in Canvas for the fall semester, let us know now! Submit the request form today!

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