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Two Profs in a Pod

Post by Beth Eyres and Tenisha Baca

Some time ago, Tenisha and I were brainstorming crazy ideas about what we could do in the CTLE, and we got excited about the idea of a podcast. I think in the same conversation, I said something like, “This seems so awesome. But it sounds really complicated, and I doubt we can do it.” So we sort of gave up on the idea temporarily until we mentioned it to Cheryl, The-One-Who-Can-Do-Just-About-Anything, and she said, “Yes, you can make a podcast.”

What we really hope is that you can take something from the episodes and apply it to your own life or teaching in some way. We would like the podcast to be useful to our GCC community. Tell us what you think. You can click on the play button below or visit our blog, Two Profs in a Pod.



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