Ghilay, Y., & Ghilay, R. (2015). “TBAL: Technology-Based Active Learning in Higher Education.” Journal Of Education And Learning, 4(4), 10-18.

This article presents a specific approach to using technology in more traditional face-to-face classes to increase participation and learning. Students choose to either use their own smartphone, tablet or laptop that is connected to wi-fi (or has data service) to access their course LMS. From there, using a type of collaboration space within the LMS, the course instructor presents comprehension and discussion questions about a reading/unit the class is already studying. The instructor has a class screen that displays student answers and discussion points, and then works from those to add further information, clarify muddy points and ask additional questions to students who have not chimed in. It is suggested to then follow up the activities with a quiz in the same LMS and from the same device in class. The authors of this article surveyed students and studied data from quiz and test results. In doing so, the researchers found that there was significant improvement to student engagement and learning, as well as teamwork and collaboration. Students claimed there were many opportunities to participate and found the approach to be unique. This article could be useful to faculty who are interested in finding new/different ways to engage their students in class.

Submitted by Chris Nielson, English Faculty

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