activelearningambushThe CTLE will be hosting an active learning series called Step Away from the Lecture. The series will feature a weekly newsletter that will include tips for active learning strategies from our own instructional designer, Meghan Kennedy. Faculty Developer Chris Nielson is organizing an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles on active learning featuring our FYRE faculty. Instructional Media Developer, Cheryl Colan and Faculty Developer, Tenisha Baca, will be bringing to you a new active learning video series called Active Learning Ambush. The video series will feature our own faculty sharing their best active learning techniques for the classroom.

In addition to all these great ideas, both Beth Eyres, eCourses Faculty Lead, and Polly Laubach, Coordinator of Technology Training, will be offering several workshops highlighting active learning techniques for online learning and technology tools for active learning. And Alisa Cooper, Faculty Director, will be putting together a webinar series on active learning and coordinating the newsletter.

Be sure to check out our weekly email newsletter titled: Active Learning Series & This Week’s Learning Opportunities. This is a real team effort to engage you in a discussion and practice of active learning at GCC, and we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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