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Did you know that there are apps that can turn your phone’s camera into a handheld document scanner? How about how you can read or use qr codes? Did you know that you can stream live video? How about ways to have people call or text you without ever giving them your real phone number? Smartphones have potential uses that few are fully aware of. From their ability to have fully operating Office on them to so much more, let’s take a look at things we can put on our phone that don’t involve birds with anger issues.

First off, Business Insider’s article showed some incredible apps that got me wishing my phone wasn’t a Windows Phone!  The ones that caught my eye were Wunderlist and Workflow because I am awful at organizing and I could use the help.  Find out which ones catch your eye!

PC Mag’s list adds even more options for you to add to your toolkit of productivity!   Evernote Scannable is an example of a scanner app that will make those old tabletop scanners obsolete!

Personally, I love OneNote due to its incredible feature list and great price tag of $ZERO!

On the whole, the actual app brand may not be as important as the task that it completes.  For example, if you don’t like the functionality of one scanner app, try another.  There are so many out there, it is hard to be disappointed!

It took restraint not to list the Star Trek Tricorder App on this list, but it is an example of just how diverse these apps can be!


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