Welcome back for episode 3 of Organizing Your Digital Self. This is a bonus episode for Week 1. Today we’ll discuss more on managing your files on your computer and in the cloud by installing Google Drive to your computer and phone.

列印When you install Google Drive for Mac/PC, a special folder called Google Drive is created on your local computer. This folder syncs bidirectionally with Google Drive on the web. When you move files to the Google Drive folder on your computer, those files are then also available in your online Drive. If you make any changes to these files, those changes reflect in Google Drive on the web, and also across any other computers or mobile devices you’re using with your Google Drive account.

Similarly, if you add files to your My Drive folder in Google Drive on the web, those files also appear in your local Google Drive folder and sync to all your Drive-enabled devices. If you don’t want to sync everything in your online My Drive folder, you can use the Google Drive for Mac/PC preferences to specify which folders to sync.

Your local files (not created with Google web-based editors like Docs, Sheets, or Slides) continue to be stored on your local machine, and also in the cloud. When updated anywhere, these files update both locally and online.

In the video below, I will show you how to install Google Drive on your computer at home, and if you’d like more information, check out the following links:

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