On May 18, MCCCD is planning to move to the new Canvas User Interface (UI). The new UI has been in international Canvas environments since Summer of 2015 and now will become standard for all instances of Canvas.

This updated interface (look-and-feel) for Canvas includes:

  • an enhanced user experience for the Dashboard and Global Navigation menu, and
  • a collapsed Course Navigation that allow for a more content-focused and responsive layout.

What does this change mean for me and for students?

Canvas will look different, but it will work the same. For example, menus like the Global Navigation will move to the left-side of the screen, but the feature options available in the menu will not change.

New Canvas UI Quick Reference (Print Version)
New Canvas UI Dashboard & Global Menu (Interactive Reference)
New Canvas UI Course Menu (Interactive Reference)

Preview the Changes

Faculty and staff can preview the changes in the MCCCD Canvas Test environment at https://maricopa.test.instructure.com. We encourage you to view your courses and become familiar with the new UI.

Please note that this is a testing environment and changes made will not be reflected in the live production site.


If you can’t make one of these sessions but want a review before Fall 2016 Accountability Week, please fill out our Have It Your Way form to request a time that works for you.


Register under “Canvas” on our event registration page.


User Account Menu, Logout Feature & Inbox

One of the biggest changes in the new UI is the location of the user Account information including the profile, notifications, file and settings options. These options were formerly accessible in the upper-right corner of the Canvas window.To access these features, click on the Account Menu option from the Global Navigation.

The logout option is also available in both the Global Navigation and from the Account Menu. For your security, remember to always logout of Canvas on public computers!I

Looking for the Inbox? You can find it in the new Global Navigation on the left-side of the screen.


What resources are available to assist me and students with the new User Interface?

Faculty Resources

Student Resources

Do I need to change my links to Canvas Guides?

All the Canvas Guides have already been changed to reflect the new interface. Be sure you provide links to the new Canvas User Guides.

Get a Sneak Peek in this Video Overview!

MCCCD Canvas Support

Self-Service GuidesThe Canvas Guides are available to users for self-service. They include step-by-step instructions organized by feature. Video guides are also available. Search the Guides

Campus Canvas Support TeamEach campus has a support team assigned to work with faculty on Canvas issues. They can handle basic to high-level support questions and, if needed, will escalate tickets to Instructure if it is a system problem. Hours vary by location, but most teams are available Monday  Friday, 8am to 5pm. Find your Campus Canvas Support Team.

24×7 Toll-Free Support LineLooking for off hours support? Contact the 24×7 Toll-Free Support Line at 1-888-994-4433. They can handle basic support questions and, if needed, will escalate tickets to your Campus Canvas Support Team.



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