Did you know that red is almost completely missing from most of the scenes in The Sixth Sense?  The only times you see red are when there is a massive emotional moment coming.  This can be used to show how colors and subtle hints can change moods and affect us subconsciously.
Did you know that the Matrix, Man of Steel, and many more movies have a basis of a “savior” who will die to save all of humanity, and often comes back to life in one way or another.  These movies often give ways that society grapples with the idea of something greater than the individual and the fact that we may not be able to do it all ourselves.  The new movie, Batman v Superman, has many of the same topics with the trailer discussing it very well in a succinct manner.   This can be useful for philosophy, psychology, literature, religion and so many more subjects!



For this one, I am reaching way back to 1990 for a totally ridiculous comedy called, My Blue Heaven. The premise may be silly, but the portrayal of the mob informant, Steve Martin, is said to be one of the most accurate portrayals of how some of these criminals think and act that has ever been put on film.  Surprising, but even comedies have uses when it comes to showing examples and caricatures of life.


This is a famous example of a piece of film that is considered hyper-accurate for those who have gone through the similar experience.  In this case, Marines I have talked to have suggested that anyone interested in becoming a Marine must watch the first quarter of Full Metal Jacket to see if this is truly what they are looking for.  The actor who yells obscenities at the recruits was a real-life former drill instructor who was hired to find someone to fill the role.  In the end, he was the best fit and did most of the lines in the scene himself, as he would have done to real recruits.

All of the above scenes do an excellent job at conveying what we often have to describe but with the flare, product value and acting talent that give it that extra push and relevancy to the student.  Using scenes such as these can be a great introduction to a topic and a great discussion starter!


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