Due to a change in the way that Turnitin and Canvas work together, the old method of sending an assignment to Turnitin to check for plagiarism is now, well, old.  The new way gives more control as to how a document gets assessed by Turnitin and can allow for a bit more control and tweaking by the instructor.  For the students, it will look different, but is still very simple.  Here is how they do it!

  • From the class in Canvas, they click on the assignment that you wish to be submitted via Turnitin.
    • Once in the assignment and it has been read and understood, they will click on the button labeled as Load (Your Assignment Name) in a New Window.StudentStart.gif
  • The student is now in the Assignment Dashboard.
    • From here, they click on the assignment that they wish to submit.
    • The next screen shows any description or instructions that the instructor has placed when they set up the assignment in Turnitin.
    • The student also sees the points, duet date, etc…StudentStart2.gif
  • The student will now upload the file that they have created (Word Doc, PDF, etc…).
    • See the full list of options HERE.StudentStart3
  • The student has two options that will help them.
    • One is to Download the exact file they uploaded if they ever need to get it and they do not have the original source.
    • The second is to get a Digital Receipt which gives all of the details of the submission to prove, if needed, that it was accomplished.StudentStart4.gif

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