Even though the process to create the assignment and student submission has changed, the way you grade is the same as before.  You will still get a notification in the To Do list that there is a submission to grade and you can still do all that you have done before.

  • Go into the SpeedGrader for the assignment.
    • Once there, you will notice a tag with a color code on the top right.
      • Green means that the file has a relatively small amount of similar material to other content.
      • Yellow means that it is a large amount, but could still be legitimate.
      • Red is another story.  If it is red, then there is a huge percentage of similar content.
    • Clicking on the tag will take you to Turnitin where you can see where the content is coming from and determine how much is similar based on what you see.
      • You are able to exclude sources that you deem to be skewing the results incorrectly.
    • Quit out of the Turnitin tab and you will find yourself back at the Canvas Speed Grader!
  • Marking and Grading
    • You are now able to make comments, give a grade and even put comments on the actual document for the student to see.StudentStart6.gif

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