tree_fallGCC are you ready for another challenge? Fall is here, and it’s time to fall for best practices. Did you know that the word “fall” has 11 different meanings? As a transitive verb, one meaning is to display great or excessive eagerness.

:  fell 1

fall all over oneself or fall over oneself or fall over backward

:  to display great or excessive eagerness
That’s the basis of this challenge. We want for you all to display great or excessive eagerness for best practices in teaching and learning or support. Fall all over yourself to share what you know or what’s worked well for you and your students. That is the spirit of “Fall for Best Practices.” Staff, you can participate too by sharing best practices in how you support faculty, staff and students. It’s like giving advice in video form. The challenge, or fall, will go from October 12th – 31st.
To participate, all you need to do is create two short videos of one to three minutes and get them to the fall challenge page. That means using your phone, a friend’s phone, Jing or Camtasia, or some screen recording software to capture the information you wish to share and get the video to YouTube (tag: #ctleaz) or send it to Just make sure your video addresses a best practice for classroom learning, online learning, or support for faculty, staff or students. We’ll share some documents to give you some ideas.
All full participants (2 videos submitted) will be entered into a drawing to win a Amazon Fire stick or a new Google Chromecast. We’ll even teach you how to use it.
Speaking of help. We’ll help you make your videos too! Join us on Thursday for our Fall for Best Practices kick off party (11-11:45am & 2-2:45pm). Or stop by when you can and ask us about it. We’ll go over the challenge, talk about best practices and show you some options for shooting video using your mobile device. Check out Yavapai College’s March for Best Practices. We’re modeling our challenge after theirs, so you can get some ideas here.
Let’s do this Glendale. Show us what you’ve got, and let’s fall for best practices in October.

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