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New Year. New Faculty. (New Contest!)

Summer break is great, but so is the excitement of starting a new academic year: refreshed faculty sharing summer stories; first-time freshman wandering campus trying to find a classroom; returning students chatting with familiar faces; and, of course, brand new faculty overwhelmed by heaping spoonfuls of information coming at them from every direction. Indeed, it is a new academic year!

I will admit, I am one of the people serving up tons of info to the 22 (yes, 22!) new GCC Residential Faculty, but that is part of my job as Faculty Developer and PAR Facilitator. What this position also means is I have already started getting to know these 22 fabulous people.

With that said, I challenge you all to do the same–get to know our new faculty. I will get you started with their names and departments; you do the rest! How many can you meet? 8? 13? All 22?! I see a prize in the future for the person who meets all 22! Proof? A selfie with the newbie will suffice. Email pics to The contest will be ongoing until we have a winner!

Fabulous New Faculty–Be the first to find them all and snap a selfie to win!

  1. Kari Bunker–Nursing
  2. Glenda Chagolla–CAD/Drafting
  3. John Crawford–Nursing
  4. Larry DeCristofaro–Accounting
  5. Lisa Worthy–Psychology
  6. Kelly Devenney–Mathematics
  7. Casey Farina–Art
  8. Aaron Fried–Exercise Science
  9. Bruce Gordon–Physics
  10. Shelton Hill–Communications
  11. Holly Jacobus–English
  12. Ray Lira–English
  13. Kurt Marley–Mathematics
  14. Angela Mauricio–Nutrition
  15. Autumn Bolin McKelvey–English
  16. Rainier Perez–EMT
  17. Donna Perrigo–Reading
  18. Mary Resler–Nursing
  19. Elizabeth Saliba–Library
  20. Brian Stephens–Mathematics
  21. Amy Torgerson–Counseling
  22. Dmytro “Dima” Zhosan–Economics

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