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Life Skills for Students: Learning from the Web

It’s still early in the semester, a great time for helping your students boost their learning skills and strategies. I’d like to share a great OER resource for you and your students. Maybe you can find ways to incorporate it into a current or future course.

I used to teach web design using the book Interact with Web Standards: A Holistic Approach to Web Design. One of my favorite things about this book is the chapter called Learning from the Web by Denise Jacobs. Your students don’t have to be studying web design to benefit from Denise’s expert advice about using the web as a learning tool. And the book publisher, Peachpit, has posted the entire chapter online, where you can read it for free.

You and your students will find information on:

  • different learning styles
  • study tips to make your learning style work for you
  • effective web searches
  • note taking and bookmarking in the cloud
  • handwritten notes and mind mapping
  • staying on task with productivity systems
  • crowdsourcing answers from credible people
  • being a good online citizen
  • seeking inspiration to motivate learning

Mind-map of Edward Tufte's Beautiful Evidence Example mind map (above) by Austin Kleon.

I think the content of Learning from the Web is well worth sharing. Check it out!

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