Yes, Microsoft has a reputation for being a tad less than fuzzy and bright when it comes to business savvy and strategies.  They have, however, adopted a new strategy…bribing us to like them with free stuff!  That tactic gives some incredible resources to us and here are some of them:

  • Free 100 Gigabytes of Online Storage on OneDrive: By signing up for Bing Rewards (Microsoft’s program of rewarding you for using Bing as a search engine) you get 100 Gigabytes free for 2 years on their OneDrive service.  OneDrive also offers a version of Online Office that is pretty powerful and gives lots of tools for presentations, documents and more!
  • OneNote is Now Completely FREE: If you have not tried this program yet, it is highly suggested that you give it a spin, considering that it is now free and the PC version has ZERO restrictions on usage or functionality!  This program helps you organize notes, share information, record multiple media and so much more.  Try it out and convince your friends to as well!
  • Office 365 is Free for Students:  Office 365 gives unlimited data on OneDrive, full access to Online Office, free downloads of the full Office Suite on 5 devices and much more…all for FREE!  One caveat is that Maricopa’s page explaining how to do this also states that it is unavailable at this time, but I am hearing that students are ignoring that notice and are still able to sign up.  If this is not the case, please let us know!
  • For those of you who truly hate Windows 8, there is some good news on the horizon!  First, the newest version of Windows 8.1 answers most of your concerns and issues.  Second, 8.1’s days are very numbered.  Within the year, Microsoft will offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade to anyone with Windows 7 or 8!  Yes, this update is so huge that it skips an entire number!  Current reviews are on target to make you forget about Windows 8 just like we all forgot about Windows Vista!  Even better, Windows 10 is coming with Cortana, Microsoft’s joke telling, habit learning personal assistant that is named from their award winning Halo game series.  Keep an eye out for this amazing freebie that might make you actually want to use your computer again!
  • One other deal that is noteworthy is the ability to download Office and other programs for as low as $10.  To find out how to do this, please click HERE!

What do you think about these Freebies?  Does it make you feel like humming the Imperial March?

It may be good to be bad sometimes…enjoy!

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