Are you tired of getting unwanted emails, here’s how to filter them so you’ll never see them again.  You’ll only want to do this with emails you are sure you don’t want.  With filters you can automatically delete these messages or if you like create a folder and send them there.

There are multiple ways to filter messages, I’ll show you one method here and if you want to learn other ways stop by the CTLE and we can show you more ways.

Log into your email and find a message you don’t want to see anymore.

Open the message and then click on More, select the option Filter messages like these.

From this screen you can choose what you want to filter on.  You can filter using the FromFilterBlank line, the To line, the subject or a specific word or words.

For example if you don’t want to see anything from Chandler-Gilbert you can type in the from line

This would filter everything that comes from Chandler-Gilbert.

After you select what you want to filter click on Create Filter with this search.


You’ll see this screen, here is where you’ll select what you want to do with these messages.FilterLocation

You can delete them, move them to a folder, put a label on them, or forward them.

Choose the check box for the option you want.

If you want to apply this filter to all emails you currently have click on the check box to the right of Create filter button.

When complete click on Create filter.

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