Last month the CTLE and the AFA partnered to host a workshop that focused on answering interview questions during an interview for a Residential Faculty position.  Thirty guests attended and listened to Julie Waskow, Chris Nielson and myself answer interview questions asked by Eric Leshinskie.  I provided typical Adjunct Faculty responses; Chris provided responses that better than mine, and Julie provided the ‘rock*star’ answers.  The event evaluation included comments such as:

  • Very helpful!  Thank you for sharing your time & knowledge.   This type of workshop speaks highly to GCC valuing internal opportunities for advancement.
  • Wow-I like the “real” questions” neat responses – good, better & best!  Eric gave credibility by sharing real downfalls in interviews.
  • I have attended all of the Solve the Mystery workshops at Glendale and this one blew me away!  The others were good too, but this one took it to the next level.  Excellent job!

Following the workshop, Roxanne Beckstrom-Sternberg said to me “Wow, you just don’t know, what you just don’t know.” Meaning she had no idea the quality of answers were expected and were needed to advance in the interview process.

 On February  28th, two days after the workshop, I received an email from an Adjunct Faculty member…
“I attended the “Solve the Mystery…” workshop on Wednesday night and had an interview this morning. I feel like the workshop definitely help to prepare me for the questions and to develop a better strategy for the best way to answer the questions. Regardless of the outcome of the hiring committee, I know I did better today than I would have done on my own. So, on behalf of all of the attendees, thank you very much for your great ideas and commitment to promoting success in our part-time/non-residential staff!”

 And then, on March 18th, I received another email from that same Adjunct Faculty member who had emailed me on February 28th… “I just wanted to let you know I was advanced to an interview with Dr. Kovala and Dr. Langley next Friday! Thanks again for your support!”

 Fellow Adjunct Faculty my point of this: if you are interested in becoming Residential Faculty, please take advantage of the “Solve the Mystery…..” workshop series; it can make a difference.

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