We are used to discussing style when it comes to our clothes, hair, or how we decorate our house, but what about the style we bring to the classroom?

Edward Alan Katz discusses teaching style and how teaching is an expression of who we are as individuals. He says, “I believe that effective teaching is an expression of the personality—the prism through which character is refracted. The challenge in the classroom is to integrate the content of the curriculum with the content of character. Discovering and developing a personal style is the essence of sound teaching and successful learning” (p. 174).

What is your personal style of teaching?

While we strive to learn best practices and new tools to make us more effective teachers, we cannot forget how important it is to develop our own teaching style. The authentic teacher that comes to class (virtual or in-person) to teach the content, share experiences, and provide students a lens with which to see the world, cannot be replicated or standardized. Think about and develop a personal style of teaching that can enhance the learning experience for your students.

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Reference: Intrator, S. M. and Scribner, M. (eds.). Teaching with Fire: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Teach. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003.

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